During life

During life, people often get the chance to choose between things. From simple things such as choosing what to eat for breakfast and where to go in vacations to big things such as what do we want to achieve in life and lifetime opportunities that we want to take. Life is about taking opportunities, it is about analyzing everything and learn when and how to take opportunities and know that the decision is correct. Opportunities are what lets people know and experience new things, taking the risk and taking an opportunity not knowing if it would be the best decision or not. 

“Startup Youth Weekend” is an opportunity for young people to go and learn about their true desires, to know about what they are good at, to learn how to socialize, and more importantly, to learn about the different topics such as technology, graphic design, marketing, etc. It is a way where youth can learn what they are good at, learn how to work under pressure and under the influence of experts, learn things that would help us in our future careers. Personally, I would like to be part of this sublime event because I consider it an excellent way to understand topics deeper, to experience things that would help in the great decision of what to study, a great way to interact with new people and learn to let go of shyness. Being part of an event full of competition but also were we can interact and befriend new people. Use our imagination to create a product, using our debate and public-speaking skills to defend our product and convince people that it’s the best, and learning how to do all this under little time and pressure. It would be a great opportunity to experience the way real companies compete with each other, a great opportunity to understand the pressure of society and how youth are the future of it. Learn the difficulty in the different job areas and how each of them are connected in a company. “Startup Youth Weekend” is simply the best opportunity for youth, such as myself, to get a little taste of what life once we are outside school walls is really like and be prepared for what future has stored for us. 

Decisions is present in everyday life, everyone takes decisions and everyone has to learn how to take them correctly. Opportunities are based on the decisions we take and with every good decision we do can change wither our own or someone else’s life. “Startup Youth Weekend” is an opportunity for youth to learn and experience, but also for preparing for an inevitable future outside the comfort of school walls.