Moving away for college

Moving away for college may be one of the hardest things for some college students. Students may be feeling a sense of loneliness, when they are far away from home. Reaching out to family and friends may be very difficult for students to do because often at times they may have developed a sense of fear that they have been so called “forgotten” and that “no one cares about them”. Due to this fear some may become depressed and tend to overthink the situation. However, the only way to get over this fear is just to reach out and speak to both family members and friends because throughout college there will be difficult times and there is nothing like having a good support system to help and guide loved ones throughout all these new experiences they will undergo in the next upcoming years. 

 The main reason why choosing the theme of reaching back home was because personally I have had a hard time reaching out to my friends and family and most college students do as well.Although moving away for college, has improved some of my relationships with people back home it has also dramatically affected some of my good friendships. I have lost many friends due to lack of communicating and not being able to see them as often as I used to or even simply because we have grown apart.One of my main struggles is not being able to see one of my best friends or being able to speak with her as often due to school work and other personal problems which has put a break in our friendship, which has been very difficult but we are doing our best to get through it and make things better for the us.Being away from home often forces students to grow up and it can definitely have such a big impact on a student in a short amount of time.College teaches a great deal of valuable lessons and can show people different perspectives as they may not have viewed them before. Personally, every time I return home I not only see how much I have changed and grown but also how everyone has changed and adapted to life.

The obstacle that was previously stated before, is being away from my best friend. It has brought about many hardships in our friendship and it is a challenge that I'd like to overcome and work on throughout the entire semester and semesters to come. The goal to overcome these problems include reaching out often, trying to make time to be able to call her or see her when I have the time to do so, and also having better communication skills. As mentioned in First In The Family, college is the time to have one's own independence and become the individual who they may want to become, the relationships that may have formed back home will always be changing, but there are always ways to keep in touch and be involved in ones daily life. It is an important thing to reach back,people can get lost in their own little world and going back can give them a reminder of the person they are and the person they may want to become.